If you are needing a safe and secure procedure for transporting multiple sand cars, side by sides, and other off road vehicles then we have your answer. Our new Belly/Chassis lift is designed with a single 30" lifting ramp in the center for lifting the chassis to a maximum 80" clearance underneath. The Belly lifts are available in 10, 13, 14 & 16 feet lengths. Like all Stinger lifts we provide safety locks on all four corners for the highest level of safety. These lifts are rated for a 4000 lbs. and are operated with a 12 volt or 110 volt hydraulic pump. Call us today for all the details, or ask your trailer dealer for information on these Stinger by AXE Belly Lifts
Heavy duty 30" standard wide ramp constructed with 2" x 5" rectangular tubing and a 12 gauge top for strength and long lasting durability. 
22.75" available on request 
For easy on and off Stinger has designed its one piece formed columns as thin as possible. These heavy duty columns measure only one and seven eights inches wide. 
Stinger by AXE lifts are manufactured with 8 different safety lock locations on each column.  
80" under lift capacity for an out of the way experience at the track. 
Standard equipment includes a 12 volt hydraulic power unit with 8' foot hand held remote cord set. 
110 volt is available.
These exclusive power units come with built in thermal protection and short circuit protection for safety and reliability.  These power units can be mounted vertically, or horizontally.  
Only Stinger by AXE gives you additional safety and reliability with its exclusive maintenance free roller bearing pulley design. Compare this our nearest competitor and you will see why Stinger by AXE lifts beats the competition hands down. 

1.Reduces Cable Wear
2.Reduces Safety Hazards
3.100% Less Friction 
4.Smooth Up and Down Operation
5.10 Times Greater Surface Area
Each Stinger Trailer lift is equipped with a flow control valve for adjusting the downward speed of the ramps
For safe and secure vehicle transportation each Stinger Belly lift incorporates 3 tie down points on each side of the ramp.  
When dimensions and quality are critical you can depend on stinger by AXE for product that will satisfy the most discriminating buyers. 
When trailer space is tight Stinger offers a smaller compact all steel 10 foot belly lift for tight spaces. Custom sizes available on request   
Ready for the Party 
Ready for the Sand 
Available as an option are these convenient Drive in/Drive out Aluminum ramps. These optional ramps measure 12" and can be easily used for driving in and out of the  belly lifts. Kit includes 2 ramps and two brackets.