How to Move a Stinger by AXE 4 Post Residential Lift:
(if you are relocating or moving and you do not want to disassemble the lift)


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  • Raise the lift
  • Back trailer under the lift
  • Lower lift ramps on to the trailer
  • Remove the cables from columns or posts
  • Raise each column up until the hole in the bottom of the column is above the cross bar. 
        (Must raise by hand - 2 people required)
  •  Insert pin through the hole in column to hold the column up off the ground      
         (Column and pin will rest on top of the cross bar)
  •  Secure loose cables to the lift so they do not drag the ground
  •  Strap the lift to the trailer for transport
  •  Ready to transport
  •  Use caution when moving, lift is wider than transporter

To remove from trailer follow list in reverse
After removing from the trailer you must re-level the lift for each lock by adjusting the nuts on the cables at the top of the columns. (See instruction manual on leveling lift) Before using the lift make sure no part has been damaged and the lift is working properly. If any part is damaged it must be replaced before use.