Frequently Asked Questions on a Stinger by AXE Residential Lift


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Q.  How tall must my garage be?

A.  Ceiling height can be as low as 9’.  You must consider what you are stacking.  With a deeper garage you 
      can gain space by elevating your stored vehicle as high as possible, leaving room for the nose of your other   
      vehicle to go below it. (See Will if Fit Page)

Q.  Do you have to bolt the lift down?

A.  No, the stinger lift is self supporting and does not need to be bolted down.  An optional caster kit is available
      to make the lift mobile.

Q.  What kind of electrical requirements are required for the auto lift?

A.   110/115 volt and a 20 amp breaker.  

Q.   How thick should my concrete floor be in order to support the auto lift?

A.   Minimum of 4” thick, 4,000 PSI.

Q.   What kind of hydraulic fluid do I use in the power unit on my Stinger Lift?

A.   10 Weight non-foaming hydraulic fluid or ISO-32 Light.  

Q.   What is the standard lock clearance for the Stinger STG2 Auto Lifts?

A.   Standard lock heights:  67”, 59”, 53.5”, 49.25”, 43.5”, 37.75”, and 32.25”.
        Custom lock height available.

Q.   What is the  standard lock clearance for the Stinger ET Auto lift?

A.   Standard lock heights:  76”, 69”, 64”, 58.5”, 53”, 48”, 43”, 37.5”, and 32”.
        Custom lock height available.

Q.   Can I store my golf cart on my auto lift?

A.   Yes, with the solid floor option, you can store items such as your ATV, Jet Ski, Motorcycle, Golf Cart, bicycles or            your lawn mower.  It is even a great way to get those seasonal items out of the way.