Frequently Asked Questions on a Stinger by AXE Trailer Lift


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Q: How much weight can we transport? 
A: 6,000 except dragster lifts which is 4,000 lbs.  

Q: What length of Trailer Lifts are offered? 
A: 10 ft, 13 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, &18 ft ramp lengths, 24’ and 26' Dragster lifts are also available. 
     Custom sizes are available on request

Q: What determines the length of Trailer Lift that I need?
A: The wheel base of the vehicle.

Q: Is there only one width of Trailer Lift Available ?
A: No, Stinger by Axe Trailer Lifts are built to the customers specifications. 

Q: What preparation needs to be done to my trailer to install a lift in it?
A: Stinger by Axe requires you to put extra supports in the wall and the floor where the columns are mounted. Each column has two mounting points on the top and bottom.  

Q: How much weight will I be adding to my trailer if I install a lift in it?
A: From 1125 lbs. to 1600 lbs. depending on what length of lift you use.

Q: If I want to install the lift in the trailer myself, how much time does it take to install the lift? 
A: In most cases it will take 16-18 labor hours to install.

Q: How much ceiling height do I need?
A: Add the height of both vehicles and add another 10” 

Q: How high will the Trailer Lifts Raise for clearance under the ramp?
A: The Trailer Lift will raise to a clearance height of 80.50” under the ramp

Q: What are the pre-set lock clearance positions on the Trailer Lifts?
A: 36” 42” 48”, 54”, 60”, 66”, 72”, & 80.50”

Q: What is the maximum height the lift will raise?
A: 80.50” under the ramp, 84.50” to the top side of the ramp 

Q: What color is the lift?
A: Lifts are powder coated White, 
  Black, Silver, Red, and AXE Blue is available on request

Q: What is the Warranty?
A: Two year on parts, 10 years on the Structure

Q: What maintenance is required?
A: Keeping locks levers adjusted, lubricating the column sliders, and cleaning.

Q: Have the lifts been tested? 
A: YES. Every model has been tested above its stated weight capacity.