Options for Generation 3 Trailer Lift


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Removable Center Section
If you want to make your lift a bit more versatile try one of our bolt on removable center sections.Our removable center sections are fabricated from heavy duty tread plate or lightweight aluminum. 

14 foot lift with 4 piece removeable aluminum center section. 
Optional Recessed D-Rings, or Surface mount lashing rings are available. Specify placement when ordering 
Recessed D-Rings 
Lashing Rings 
​If you need to get your lift up tight against the wall or upper deck then we have your answer. 
Ask for one of our pull cable lock release handles. We can get you within 3.5" of your wall or upper balcony. 
Optional 110 Volt Pump with 
8 foot cord set 
Optional 110 Volt Pump with no  
cord set
Optional 110 Volt Pumps 
All Stinger by AXE lifts come standard with a 12 volt Power Supply. As an option you can choose a 110 power supply with a 8 foot remote cord or a 110 volt power supply power unit with a manual release lever 

Wireless Remote
Optional Wireless remote gives you hands free operations. Cord set also included for manual operations if so desired